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Welcome to CRC Groupe! Thank you for your interest in our products and services. Created in 1991 And chaired by Mr Lazreg Taoufik, CRC group works in the field of construction materials trade (CRC and STE LAZREG & CIE), real estate development (CRC Immobilière) as well as in transport and logistics (LTL) . Team spirit, innovation, responsibility and commitment are the values shared by all employees at CRC Groupe. Comfort, luxury and superior quality are the primary values of our vision in the field of construction combining the useful with the pleasant. We offer our customers a diverse range of products and we are committed to provide construction market trends and demonstrate innovation and modernity.

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Create a participatory and stimulating work environment, where personal initiative is encouraged, and in which relationships are based on trust, respect, dialogue and teamwork on a daily basis. - Giving each of our employees responsibilities and motivating challenges and ensuring them of the support of the entire organization. - Develop their talents and potential by increasing the number of training and support opportunities in the field. - Create an environment in which information is widely accessible and spontaneously shared.

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